Genoa Central Mighty Dragons football team 2017 preview: building on last year’s success

genoa central football 2017 preview

The Genoa Central Mighty Dragons football team hopes to build on last year’s 4-6 season, the winningest season in the schools history. Phillip Binkley, Genoa Central Dragons 4-year head football coach said that offense is the team’s strength and the defense their weakest link.

Coach Binkley said that these seniors on this year’s team are the first group he started with and there is nothing new to them. Binkley said that this year’s team knows the offence and defense as well as the coaches do.

The Dragons will be led on offense by senior quarterback Bo Jewell (6-1,173).  Jewell was injured in the second game last year and returned  later in the season. However , coach Binkley said Jewell returned in week 8 a little rusty. However, Coach Binkley said that Jewell is one-hundred percent this year, his coach said.

“Keeping Bo (Jewell) healthy is going to make us a force running the triple option,” Coach Binkley said. “Right now he (Bo Jewell)  looks like the old Bo; a good athlete, smart, quick, fast and he runs the option well.”

genoa central dragon football 2017 preview

The Dragons have a stable of running backs to tote the pig skin. Jacob Jackson is a junior running back with moves and he’s coming off a 294 yard rushing season in 2016; two of the rushes were for touchdowns. Sophomores  Dalton Savell, and Patrick Markham will also get a lot of carries. Stafford McQuerrey is a junior tailback who will see playing time. There is one other running back that will see time on the field and that’s senior Kolten Allen; he plays fullback.

Jewell can throw the ball and when he does, he’ll be looking for the man who will probably become his favorite target; junior Caleb Cobb. Cobb played quarterback in Jewell’s absence last year and he may get some reps at quarterback.

Senior tackle Caleb Johnson is the teams anchor on the offensive line, he’s bloomed to 6-0 and 250 and coach Binkley said he’s strong, athletic and smart. Johnson may be a college prospect.

Genoa Central Dragons football’s success will hinge on not turning the ball over.

The Dragons will need to carry the ball like it’s an air loom because they cannot afford to turn the ball over. Turnovers would result in too much pressure on a young defense that will need to spend as much time on the sideline as possible to rest, stay fresh and learn the flow of the game. Linebacker and defensive backs are the two positions with the youngest players.

“Last year we lost a lot of tight games,” coach Binkley said. If we can beat Fouke and McGehee, we might be able to slip into the playoffs.”

The other teams that are in Genoa Central’s conference (6-3A) besides Genoa Central and McGehee are Fordyce, Junction City, Smackover, Drew Central and Lake Village.



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