Man arrested in Texarkana stabbing near Burhman Pharr Apartments

man arrested texarkana stabbing

A man has been arrested and charged with a stabbing that allegedly occurred  Tuesday evening, July 17, 2017 around 6:00pm near the Burhman Pharr apartments in Texarkana, Arkansas. The Texarkana, Arkansas Police said that 34-year old Justin Marley allegedly stabbed 42 year-old Daniel Hogan as he and his wife and daughter were walking home from the Salvation Army store. police say the incident occurred on East 3rd street near Laurel. Police said that Marley followed the victim and his family and allegedly pulled a knife out of his pocket stabbing the victim for no apparent reason.

Hogan and his family ran north away from the apartments towards the Miller County Courthouse where they were met by police, Police said. Hogan reportedly suffered a puncture wound to his back and was transported to Wadley hospital via Lifenet ambulance.

Man arrested in Texarkana stabbing admitted to the alleged crime, police said

Officers Joe Rochelle and Catalina Segura, who were patrolling the area in search of the suspect said they located a white male they identified as  Marley behind the antique auto museum across from the Buhrman Pharr apartments. Police said that Marley approached officers and admitted that he had stabbed Hogan while he pulled a pocket knife from his pocket and indicated that it was the weapon he had used. Authorities said that Marley gave an unsolicited explanation as to why he had stabbed Hogan. Marley was taken into custody for Battery 1st degree and transported to the Miller County jail where he was booked on the felony battery charge. Investigators believe Marley suffers from some degree of mental incapacity, police said.

The Texarkana, Arkansas police said that the  Salvation Army works hand in hand with them and they consider them an outstanding partner in fighting crime and helping those in need. The police department said that they encourage downtown involvement of the community while deeming this area safe to citizens with little or no repeated incidents of crime.




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