Brothers arrested for sexual abuse of a minor

brothers arrested sexual abuse minor
Greggory Beckom

TEXARKANA, TEXAS – The Texarkana Texas Police Department said that they recently arrested Ricky Beckom, 40, and Greggory Beckom, 37, for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Victim Under the Age of Fourteen.  The men are brothers and live in Texarkana, Texas.  The crimes are alleged to have occurred between 2007 and 2011.

Officers were notified of the alleged abuse after the now fourteen year old victim confided information about the sexual abuse to her mother.  The victim said that when she was between the ages of four and eight years old, Ricky and Greggory Beckom individually forced her to perform sexual acts on them on numerous occasions.  The assaults allegedly occurred at the Beckom home while the suspects’ mother babysat the child.  Both Beckom men were living with their mother at the time.

Both men were arrested November 15th

After conducting a criminal investigation, Detective Tabitha Smith arrested both men on November 15.

The investigation revealed that Beckom’s mother provided childcare to a number of children during this same general time frame.  Police said that there is reason to believe that some of those children may have also been sexually abused by one or both of these men.

brothers arrested sexual abuse minor
Ricky Beckom

Anyone who believes that their child may have been a victim of Ricky or Greggory Beckom is asked to contact the Texarkana Texas Police Department at 903-798-3116.

brothers arrested sexual abuse minor
Greggory Beckom

Ricky and Greggory Beckom are still in custody at the Bi-State Jail.  Bond for both men was set at $150,000.


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