Freed Am Corp Texarkana is the local owned radio group

Freed Am Corp Texarkana

Freed Am Corp Texarkana is the only locally owned radio group left in T-Town.  Fox Sports Radio 1400-Texarkana, 94.1 FM ESPN-Hooks, TX & Texarkana  and KPYN-Atlanta, TX are all Freed Am stations. The radio stations are owned by Freed Am Corp. Freed Am Corps owners are  Bob and Meghan DelGionro who reside in Texarkana, Texas.

Freed Am Corp Texarkana
Freed Am Corp radio owners Meghan and Bob DelGiorno

Freed Am’s radio stations specialize in local programming. All of their radio stations are known for quality local sports, news, weather and community support. They raise tens-of-thousands of dollars for local charities each year. Unlike businesses owned by out of town owners; Freed Am Corp spends all the advertising dollars made here at home in the the local community. The others, well; lets just say they take their earnings to their home offices out of state or out of the country.

Thousands of dollars in charity is given out by Freed Am Corp radio stations each year. In the past 12 months, Freed Am  raised $15,000 for the local American Red Cross. Freed Am Corp collected tons of local food for the local food banks with the Marathon for the hungry which was sponsored by Wright Patmann Credit Unions. They raised money for local police shop with a cop. They  gave to local  scholarship funds for local high school students.

Freed Am Corp Texarkana
Marathon for the hungry remote

Freed Am Corp Texarkana radio gives back

Main Street Texarkana’s annual Christmas parade is sponsored by Freed Am Texarkana and Fox Sports Radio 1400.  They also sponsored the First responder free meals day in conjunction with McDonalds and Texarkana, Emergency Center. The event was held on EMS Appreciation day.

Freed Am Corp Texarkana
EMS Appreciation Day at McDonalds

Freed Am Corp. radio stations also sponsor many other local charities. There are too many charities to mention.

“Meghan, me and our children live here and it’s more than just a city where we have a business,” Bob DelGiorno, President of Freed Am Corp. said. “This is our home and we want to use our radio stations to make Texarkana a better place.”

“We put our listeners and advertisers first, then our employees and then us,” Meghan DelGiorno, V.P. of Freed Am Corp. said. “Our doors are open and we encourage any listener or business in the community that needs our help to contact us.”

Fox Sports Radio 1400 has largest face book audience among all media in Texarkana. Fox Sports Radio 1400’s sister radio stations, 94.1 FM ESPN and KPYN-Atlanta are also leaders in local information and digital marketing.

To advertise on Fox Sports Radio 1400, 94.1 FM ESPN an KPYN-Atlanta, Texas; contact Bob DelGiorno. Bob can be contacted at at 903-255-7935, 903-796-2817 or 870-648-8878.

Freed Am Corp Texarkana
Freed Am Corp Radio specializes in digital advertising

Freed Am Corp Texarkana reminds everyone to buy local.

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