Off-duty officer suffers broken hand in arrest at Academy in Texarkana

officer broken hand academy texarkana arrest
Shemar Harris

The Texarkana Texas Police Department said they arrested 18-year-old Shemar Harris of Texarkana Arkansas, on Saturday at Academy Sports for several charges after he fled from an off-duty officer and pointed a gun at a citizen who was trying to assist the officer.

According to the Texarkana police, officer Alan Bailey was off duty and shopping at Academy Sports at approximately 1:45 on Saturday afternoon, when store employees recognized him as an officer and asked for his assistance with a man they believed had just stolen several boxes of ammunition.  Authorities said that Bailey identified himself to Harris as a police officer and asked the man to remove everything in his pockets.  Police said that Harris then fled across the parking lot with Bailey and store employees pursuing him.

A man who was walking toward the store entrance realized what was happening after Harris almost ran into his son and joined the pursuit, police said.  Authorities said that as the man caught up with him, Harris stopped running, pointed a gun at him, and ordered him to back off and he then continued to flee but Bailey was able to overtake him and began to struggle with him in the parking lot.

Police said that after the man warned Bailey that Harris had a gun and it appeared was trying to remove it from his pocket, Bailey struck Harris one time in the face with his fist to try to stun him long enough to take him into custody. Polcie said another man was able to remove the loaded .40 caliber pistol from Harris’ pants while Bailey continued to struggle with him.  With the assistance of the two men, Bailey was finally able to gain control of Harris.  When other officers arrived moments later, they handcuffed Harris and transported him to the Bi-State Jail, police said.

Pistol on suspect reportedly stolen

Police said that Harris’ pistol had previously been reported stolen in Bowie County.  Officers said they also found a small amount of marijuana in his pocket when they searched him.

Bailey suffered a broken hand while attempting to arrest Harris.  He was treated and later released from Texarkana Emergency Center.

Harris’ charges include Theft of Property, Possession of Marijuana, Deadly Conduct, Theft of a Firearm, Resisting Arrest, and Evading Detention.  His total bond has been set at $75,000.

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