Five middle school students arrested for assault on school bus

body found in Camden arkansas

TEXARKANA, TEXAS –The Texarkana, Texas police said Five Pleasant Grove Middle School students were arrested this afternoon after surrendering to officers at the Juvenile Detention Center.  Police said that all were involved in an assault that occurred on a school bus while returning from a basketball game in Paris on November 30.

Police said that charges range from Sexual Assault to Indecency with a Child.

The Texarkana Texas Police Department was notified of the incident by the thirteen year old victim’s mother on December 1, who said the five male students attacked her son on the school bus.

New information was discovered

Police said that soon after the warrants were issued late last week for the group, new case information was brought to light that led to the decision to delay serving the warrants until detectives had the opportunity to evaluate it.  However, police said that it was ultimately determined that information did not refute the probable cause upon which the warrants were originally based and arrests were justified.

Following their arrest today, police said the five boys, who are all thirteen and fourteen years old, were placed in the custody of the Bowie County Juvenile Probation Department.

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