Texarkana Arkansas Police No Shave November benefits Shop With a Cop

Texarkana Arkansas Police No Shave November benifits Shop With a Cop
Texarkana Arkansas Police

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has come up with a new way to raise money for the Shop With a Cop program.

Texarkana Arkansas’s Finest are tossing their razors in an effort to raise money for a great cause. Shop With a Cop is a charity event the department has supported for 30 years. The program raises money to provide Christmas for disadvantaged families in the Texarkana area.

Officers have begun growing their beards and looking for sponsors. So far, each officer has supported over 30 children by providing $150.00 to compete, but there is a lot more work to be done. The public can help the police department reach their goal of 100 children by sponsoring an officer. No donation is too small and a sponsorship is easy.

Texarkana Arkansas police will be growing beards using the No Shave November to help needy kids and their families in the Texarkana area.

For example, the team at Pawn Express has always set the example when it comes to majestic beards and they have issued a challenge to the departments 28 competitors. They are offering the officer with the best beard (voted on by YOU!) a Glock 19X and for the officer with the most sponsors will win a $250 Gift Certificate.

Texarkana Arkansas Police No Shave November benifits Shop With a Cop

Check out the various competitors and decide who you want to sponsor in this journey. All you have to do is contact Kristi Bennett at 903-824-4199 or your chosen competitor and they will provide you all the details needed.

Fans can check on the updates as these officers grow out their beards. They will be asked to choose their favorite to vote on at the end of November.

Shop with a Cop and a Firefighter will be Tuesday, December 4th this year. Police and Firefighters always drive in a caravan, with lights and sirens from the police headquarters at the Bi-State Justice Building, to the Texarkana, Arkansas Wal-Mart.

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