Texas High’s Tevailance Hunt signs letter to play at TCU

Texas High's Tevailance Hunt TCU
Tevailance Hunt with family on early signing day

Texas High Tigers senior wide-receiver Tevailance Hunt signed a letter of intent to play college football on an athletic scholarship at Texas Christian University. Hunt signed his letter at a ceremony at the Performing Arts Center at Texas High Wednesday.

The event started off with a video of Hunt. The presentation showed the crowed and media what Hunt was able to endure during his childhood growing up in tough circumstances. Hunt slept on a floor as a child. Now he will be playing with the best in the Big XII for TCU with his education paid for because of the hard work he put in while attending and playing football at Texas High.

“His maturity level over the last year has increased, due to his hard work,” Gerry Stanford, Texas High Athletic Director and head football coach said.”

Hunt said his coach helped his grades behavior

Hunt said that Coach Stanford was instrumental in his maturity process.

“Coach Stanford is honest with us. He makes sure we get to class, tells us not to get in trouble and to do our work. He gives us a grade sheet every day for our teachers to sign and mark off our grades and behavior and it motivates us to do what’s right and pass, Tevailance Hunt said.

“Those things (sheet for teachers to sign) set you up for life,” Stanford said. “A lot of football is God given ability but it’s up to a player to put the God given ability to work and take care of grades.”

Coach Stanford said that Tevailance always has a smile on his face, and that’s what he’ll always remember about him.

Tevailance said that after the passing of teammate Leonard Parks during the season; the team grew together as a family. What would Hunt tell his fallen teammate if were able to?

“I’d thank him for everything. I’d thank him for taking me under his wing, encouraging me, giving me extra help and motivation. I wish I could see him at the top switching jerseys one day. I just love him,” Hunt said.

Hunt said that he chose TCU because it was a great fit and all their players and coaches loved him. He plans on majoring in sports management or physical education.



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