DeKalb ISD in Bowie County Texas canceled school Monday because of flu

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dekalb isd canceled school flu

DeKalb ISD will not have school tomorrow (Monday).

DeKalb ISD said that they’re not having school due to high absenteeism because of flu and upper respiratory illness.

A spokesperson from DeKalb ISD said that the sickness has struck students and faculty.

“This includes both students and staff. We also have a company coming to disinfect all of our facilities,” a DeKalb spokesperson said.

What to do if you get the flu

If you you get the flu, doctors suggest that you stay home and get plenty of rest. You should also drink plenty of fluids, treat aches and fever and take care of your cough.

dekalb isd canceled school flu

Doctors said that you can also get relief by sitting in a steamy bathroom, run a humidifier, try a lozenge, get salty and ask your physician for an antiviral.


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