Use of Force Incident Being Investigated in Texarkana

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Use of force incident  being investigated by Texarkana, Texas Police.

The Texarkana Texas Police Department is investigating a use of force incident by an officer.

It involves use of force against a 17 year old man. Departmental policy requires all use of force incidents be reported and reviewed by department administration. Following the incident, a complaint alleging excessive force was received from the guardian of the man.

According to authorities, on Sunday, January 27, officers were dispatched to multiple calls of large disturbances and fights. This was occurring in the area of Brookwood Street and Belt Road. When the first officers arrived, they encountered a group of approximately eighty people fighting in the street.

Two officers were alerted to a man with a ball bat and a woman fighting in the alley nearby. As the man and woman were exchanging punches with each other, one officer grabbed the man around his chest. The officer attempted to pull him away from the woman. Police say, the man resisted while the officer tried to hold on to him with one hand and keep the woman away by pointing his JPX pepper gun at her with the other hand.

Authorities say the man managed to turn toward the officer. He then began to come at him in an apparent effort to attack the officer. While still trying to control the man with one hand, the officer fired one shot from his JPX pepper gun. The officers were then able to take both into custody.

The 17 year old man was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

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These as a result of his involvement in the fights and the JPX deployment. Witnesses
at the scene indicated that both the 17 year old man, and another man had been struck with a ball bat just before the officers arrived.

Warrants for the future arrest of the 17 year old have been issued for Disorderly Conduct-Fighting in Public and Resisting Arrest.

Texarkana Police say a federal lawsuit has been filed and any follow up inquiries for information on this matter will need to be directed to the attorneys representing the City.

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