Lease/cash promotion helping Hyundai customers save thousands of dollars

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Three men responsible for Texarkana Hyundai's success are Mark Brine (seated) and salesmen William Landes (right) and Frank Proksch. Landes has been Hyundai's Salesman of the Year 10 consecutive times.


One can purchase just about any kind of vehicle on the road in Texarkana. Local Hyundai dealer Mark Brine will tell you his vehicles have never been more popular.

Brine has been in the car business 36 years, and it was nearly 15 years ago that Texarkana Orr Hyundai opened its doors. Thousands of vehicles have been sold, and the number certainly should grow considerably with Hyundai’s new lease/cash program.

“Right now you can lease any vehicle we have; you can lease a Tucson with a $5,000 rebate,” said Brine. “After three months you have an option to pay it off, finance it on a retail contract, or just keep the lease. The first option is designed for low-milage drivers. If you refinance after 90 days you keep the money up front, and get the big discount.

“Hyundai is wanting to lease cars to people. If they lease it to you they’re going to see you again in 36 months. People are now financing cars up to 75 months; as a result dealerships are not seeing those individuals as often. That’s the whole reason behind lease/purchase.”


Quality of Hyundai vehicles improves every year

Individuals who have owned more than one Hyundai have witnessed the quality of its vehicles improve each year. Sonatas match up well with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, and all other mid-size cars.

“The resale value is also getting closer every year,” said Brine. “We’ve got a price advantage, and America’s best warranty. New vehicles carry a five-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty. There’s also the five-year unlimited roadside assistance. If you break down, have a wreck, or lock yourself out of the car, there’s an 800 number to call. The closest dealer will come get you, and it’s free.”

New owners and some used car buyers at Hyundai are now getting a lifetime powertrain warranty, which has no deductible. Brine boasts there’s a lot of good reasons to buy a new Hyundai today. He’s put together a stable staff of salesmen, mechanics and office personnel.

Landes has been Hyundai’s top salesman 10 years

Hope native Willliam Landes has been Hyundai’s Salesman of the Year 10 consecutive years, although Frank Proksch is challenging Landes’ reign.

“We’ve got a good product at Hyundai; that’s why I’m still here,” said Landes. “Hyundai is a working man’s car.”

Anyone looking for a vehicle bigger than the Tucson or Santa Fe, will likely love Hyundai’s newest addition, the Palisade. It’s more of a full-size vehicle, and is coming mid-summer. The competition includes the Explorer, Pilot, Highlander, and Pathfinder.

“It’s a beautiful vehicle,” said Brine. “Go to Hyundai’s website for a preview. They’ve got features that a $100,000 Mercedes or BMW has. It has eight passenger seating, and there will be a distinct price advantage in its class.”

Today, Brine would be elated to see his customers consider the lease/cash promotion.

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