Osceola officer-involved shooting being investigated

El Dorado

The Arkansas State Police is investigating an officer-involved shooting that took place in Osceola, Ark., early Monday morning.

According to Osceoloa Police, 24-year-old Pete Denzel Edwards was “non-compliant” during the course of a traffic stop that took place near the 400 block of Sims Street in Osceola at around 12:40 a.m. According to police, Edwards and the officer began shooting. At least one round from the exchange entered a nearby home and allegedly wounded a resident, who was transported from the scene and later released by a doctor.

Edwards was critically wounded and taken to a Memphis hospital, police say.

Special agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division are conducting an investigation and will present their findings to the prosecuting attorney in Mississippi County to determine whether the use of deadly force by the Osceola police officer was consistent with Arkansas laws.

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