Texarkana Man finds military material in yard while cutting grass

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texarkana military material cutting grass
TTPD-Military Munitions
The Texarkana, Texas Police said a man mowing his yard found some type of military material. Police did not say weather the military material was a weapon, ammunition or simply a piece of equipment.

The man who found the devise was mowing a yard on Magnolia Street this afternoon when he noticed something sticking out of the ground.
Texarkana, Texas Police said when the man stopped to check it out, police it turned out to be some type of military ordnance.

Explosive Ordinance Development Team on its way to Texarkana to check out devise

An EOD team from Barksdale Air Force Base is on the way from Bossier City to remove it from the property.
texarkana military material cutting grass
Because of where it was found, polcie said no evacuations were required. However, the homeowner decided that he would leave until after the EOD team took it away.

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