911 Scam Circulating Around Texarkana

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911 scam is circulating around the area according to Texarkana Texas Police.

Authorities say that some citizens have gotten phone calls and the caller ID shows the call is coming from 911. Don’t be fooled. These are 911 scams.

Typically, the caller will claim that the victim’s loved ones are in some trouble and start asking personal questions. If the victim believes that its really 911 calling them, they might give out some private information that they wouldn’t ordinarily provide.

According to police, you will NEVER receive a call from 911. If a dispatcher does try to call you for some reason, the caller ID will always show a regular 10-digit phone number.

The only time that 911 would appear on the caller ID would be via text. However, keep in mind that 911 can only text your phone if you initiated the conversation with us first.

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If you get a call that shows 911, police suggest that you hang up without telling them anything. Better yet, don’t even answer the call in the first place. You can always call the police non-emergency number 903-798-3876 and ask them if the call you received was a real call or not.


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