Texarkana Texas police say partial video of Sunday arrest misrepresented the facts

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Texarkana texas police video sunday arrest

TEXARKANA, TEXAS – The Texarkana Texas Police Department said they arrested 28-year-old George Cummings, Jr of  Prescott, Arkansas, for Criminal Trespass and Resisting Arrest at a local apartment complex on Sunday.

Police said a partial video of the arrest was posted on social media along with allegations of the officers using excessive force. they said the video  misrepresented the facts of the arrest.

Incident broke out at Town North Apartments

Police said officers were dispatched to the report of a disturbance at Town North Apartments where a man was assaulting a woman in the parking lot.  When police arrived, they said an apartment complex employee pointed out Cummings as the man who was fighting and told officers that he was recently banned from the property.  The employee said that he wanted to file charges for Criminal Trespass, police stated.

Texarkana texas police video sunday arrest

When the three officers attempted to place Cummings into custody, police said he immediately began to pull away from them and a struggle ensued.  They went to the ground where Cummings continued to resist, police said.  Despite repeated commands to place his hands behind his back and the use of pepper spray, police said  he continued to lock his arms under this body.  Police said officers also used several strikes with their hands and forearms to Cummings’ back and side.

Police said additional officers responded to assist taking Cummings into custody and keep the increasingly aggressive crowd from interfering with their efforts.  Officers were eventually able to handcuff him but were forced to carry him to the patrol unit after he refused to walk on his own.

Officers transported Cummings to an ambulance that was staged a few blocks away to be evaluated as a result of his exposure to the pepper spray.  After he was determined to not have any medical issues, he was transported to the Bi-State Jail,police said.

Ac0ording to the Texarkana Police department, the video which has circulating on social media appears to misrepresent the facts as it only shows a portion of the actual event.  Police said the video started after Cummings was on the ground and officers were struggling to place him under arrest.

As with all incidents where officers use force to make an arrest, this incident was reviewed by the department’s supervisory staff, the Texarkana, Texas police department said.  The Police department said they determined that the officers involved used only the reasonable amount of necessary force to effect the arrest and Cummings suffered no injuries as a result of this arrest.

Cummings’ bond was set at $3,000 for the Criminal Trespass charge and $5,000 for Resisting Arrest.

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