Juvenile arrested for burglary in Texarkana, Arkansas

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The Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department said they received a 911 call Wednesday morning from a man who said he’d just seen someone climb through the window of his neighbor’s house on McArthur Street.

The caller said the alleged intruder ran off just before the officers got there. However, the witness gave police a really good description, authorities said.

Texarkana, Arkansas police said that Sgt. Chris Phelps found the suspect just a couple blocks away.

Juvenile burglary Texarkana Arkansas

According to police, the homeowner arrived and them what was missing from inside her house. Police said they found every one of the items inside the backpack that the suspect was carrying.

Juvenile was arrested for burglary

Police said 14 year old juvenile was arrested for Burglary and transported to JDC. Police said he also had an outstanding felony warrant out of Texarkana, Arkansas that we served.

“We really appreciate the man for helping look out for his neighbors,” the Texarkana, Arkansas Police said. “He saw something that didn’t look right to him and called 911 for us to check it out. As a result, we arrested a burglar and recovered the neighbor’s stolen property within minutes of the crime happening.”

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