Bowie-Cass Electric Lineman hospitalized after contact with downed power line

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bowie cass electric lineman hopitalized

Douglassville, Texas-Bowie Class Electric said one of their lineman was hospitalized after contacting a downed power line.

Lineman Shawn Henderson was working with his crew in a wooded area in Morris County, Bowie-Cass electric said.

Lineman made contact with live power line

“He made contact with a hot power line that had been downed by a fallen tree. The crew called 9-1-1 and administered CPR including an AED defibrillator until an ambulance arrived,” a Bowie-Cass Electric spokesperson said.

bowie cass electric lineman hopitalized

Lineman Henderson was flown by helicopter to a Tyler hospital where he was admitted to the Emergency Room conscious and in stable condition, the Bowie-Cass Electric Facebook page said.

Bowie Cass Electric said that Shawn Henderson is talking and in good spirits.

Shawn, his wife, and family appreciate your prayers during this very challenging time, Bowie-Cass Electric said.