McTelvin Agim glad to put pads on for Arkansas’ first padded practice

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McTelvin Agim

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Defensive lineman McTelvin Agim made a few plays as the Arkansas Razorbacks held their first padded practice of the fall Wednesday.

The Texarkana native had some positive plays, even though the Hogs didn’t go live and put each other on the ground.

“I made a couple plays,” Agim said. “I’m trying to. I made a couple sacks, made a couple of tackles for

The former Hope Bobcat was also honest about the negative parts of practice, at least from his own personal performance.

“I also made some bad plays, got out of my gap a couple of times, didn’t get my
hands on the right man on key,” Agim said. “The guard blocked in and I didn’t look. I kept going with
the guard a couple of times.”

Ultimately, the 6-3, 286-pound defensive lineman, who will be transitioning from end to tackle this season, didn’t get too hard on himself.

Said Agim: “That’s why I’m not upset when I’ve got to practice, because I’m not perfect yet. I still need to show these guys how to practice and also do the right techniques inside the scheme.”

The Hogs defense was able to produce takeaways during the first padded practice with defensive back Jalen Catalon and linebacker De’Jon “Scoota” Harris each getting an interception. With the way the Razorbacks are practicing on two separate fields, according to Agim, the defense adds up the total number of takeaways from each field for the grand total at the end of practice.

“Those boys are racking them up,” said Agim. “I just need it to transfer over to Saturdays when it’s time to play.”

With Catalon, Harris, and other Razorbacks flying around, it shows that the players may be understanding defensive coordinator John Chavis’ scheme better than in 2018.

“You can tell guys are flying around, guys know the defense, guys are more comfortable with the defense,” Agim explained. “So you can definitely tell people are getting more comfortable with it.”

The first scrimmage is Saturday, and Agim demands the defense dominate.

“Nothing against those other guys, but I’m still a defensive guy so I’m trying to make sure we make the plays and win the turnover,” said Agim.