Jailer Arrested for Attempting to Bring Contraband into the Jail

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TEXARKANA, Texas – Bowie County Sheriff’s Department said Captain Robby McCarver received a call from Texarkana Texas Police Officer Colton Johnson informing Captain McCarver about information he had received about a jailer with the last name of Coulter possibly bringing contraband into the jail.

Captain McCarver checked with the jail staff and found that Jailer Brandy Denise Coulter was due to be at work the following morning. When Coulter arrived at work on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, she was confronted and searched for contraband. Coulter was allegedly found to be in possession of marijuana and tobacco that she was attempting to smuggle into the jail hidden inside the rear crotch area of a pair of leggings she was wearing under her uniform.

Coulter was arrested for Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility and booked into the jail. She declined to cooperate with the investigation. Coulter’s bond has been set at $75,000. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Officer Johnson and the Texarkana Texas Police Department for sharing this information with them. They said they are blessed to work with so many good law enforcement agencies in the area who all work together for the common well-being our citizens.


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