Bowie County Judge James Carlow says he’s retiring

bowie county james carlow retiring
Bowie County Judge James Carlow
James Carlow, the Bowie County Judge said he’s retiring at the end of September. Judge Carlow made the announcement at Monday night’s Commissioners Court meeting.

Judge Carlow said that he’s proud to call Bowie County his home.

Carlow won election this past November

Carlow who won re-election in November after being unopposed took office on January 1st.

When Judge Carlow leaves office,  he will have served 9 months of a 4-year term.
bowie county james carlow retiring
Judge Carlow is also a pillar in the community. He’s a successful business man , a rancher and loyal husband and family man.

He and his wife, Nancy, reside in New Boston, Texas, and have two sons, two daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.
Carlow mentioned his wife Nancy. He said that she has been his strongest supporter.