Gas prices keep falling in Texarkana

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Gas prices continue to fall, though at a slow pace, in Texarkana.

According to data released by AAA Texas Thursday, the average price for the gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the Texarkana area was $2.20, down one cent from a week ago. The prices are still the sixth-lowest in the state.

Gas prices in McAllen are the lowest in Texas at $2.16. However, McAllen area has seen a 10-cent price jump over the last week, the largest price increase in the state. The highest gas prices are in Midland at $2.50, where they was a no-change in prices from a week ago.

Texarkana’s $2.20 average is seven cents lower than the statewide average and 37 cents lower than the national average.

A fluctuation in gasoline stocks could cause some areas to see slight price increases, according to AAA Texas. The end of summer driving season means the demand for gas is starting to lower across the region. However, AAA Texas says exports to areas beyond the United States are causing supplies to be at their lowest point for this time of year since 2015.

“Demand for retail gasoline is falling as summer driving season has ended,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas spokesperson. “For the most part drivers can expect to continue seeing lower gas prices, however fluctuations are possible.”

Hurricane Dorian affected prices on the east coast. Florida is starting to return to pre-Dorian prices of $2.41, near the $2.36 mark before prices shot up eight cents during the hurricane’s advent. Georgia and South Carolina saw little impact from Dorian.