Cowboys 100: Facts and Figures for Washington

Cowboys 100
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper (19) runs in for a touchdown against the Washington Redskins during the second half of an NFL football game in Arlington, Texas, Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

We get ready for another week of Dallas Cowboys football in the NFC East with Cowboys 100. In Week 2, Dallas goes on the road to face their archrivals in Washington. We breakdown everything from Dak Prescott’s record against Washington, how he fares against defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, and much more.

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1. Since 1990, when playoff formats were last tinkered with, 234/445 teams that started 1-0 made the playoffs.

2. Since 1990, when playoff formats were last tinkered with, there have been 447 teams through 2018 that lost on Opening Day. Only 114/447 made the playoffs.

3. The Cowboys are 1-0 for the 39th time in franchise history. 25 of those 38 previous teams made the playoffs.

4. Washington is 0-1 for the 42nd time in franchise history. After losing on Opening Day, Washington made the playoffs 7/41 times in club history.

5. Dallas is 32-29 against the Washington on the road. Here is the breakdown by venue:

Griffith Stadium: 0-1

RFK Stadium: 18-20

FedEx Field: 14-8


6. The Cowboys’ 14-8 record at FedEx Field is tied for the best in the NFC East:

Dallas: 14-8

Philadelphia: 13-9

NY Giants: 12-9-1


7. Dallas is 13-8-1 against Washington in September with a 7-4 on the road.

8. One cliché thrown around heading into a Dallas-Washington game is how the respective records need to be thrown out. However, team records are still very predictive:

Dallas with winning record: 29-18-1

Washington with winning record: 24-13

Both teams with same records (Dallas perspective): 19-13-1


9. The Cowboys are wearing their blue jerseys Sunday. The Cowboys are 67-70-1 all-time in their blue jerseys.

10 The Cowboys are wearing their blue jerseys for the second straight season at FedEx Field. The last time Dallas wore their blue jerseys in consecutive appearances at FedEx Field was 2002-09, and Dallas compiled a 4-4 record.

11. The Cowboys are 15-15 against Washington in their blue jerseys.



12. Prescott is 13-5 against the NFC East with a 6-3 record on the road.

13. Prescott is 7-3 against the NFC East in initial match-ups with a 3-1 record on the road.

14. Prescott has a 5-1 record against Washington, joining him with Danny White as the only Cowboys quarterbacks to have that record through their first six encounters with Washington, including playoffs.

15. Prescott is 3-1 against Washington defensive coordinator Greg Manusky with a 100.1 passer rating and a 4.8 yards per carry. Prescott’s average stat line is 17-of-27 for 202 yards, a touchdown, getting sacked three times, and rushing five times for 24 yards and a touchdown.

16. Against 3-4 defenses, Prescott is 17-9 against 3-4 defenses with a 105.7 passer rating and a 5.3 yards per carry. Prescott’s average stat line is 20-of-30 for 249 yards, two touchdowns, getting sacked twice, and rushing four times for 19 yards.

17. Prescott threw for more touchdowns on Opening Day than he threw through the first four weeks of 2018.

18. Prescott’s 405 passing yards were the second-most in the NFL in Week 1.

19. Only Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson threw for more touchdowns on Opening Day with five. Prescott threw four.

20. Prescott’s Week 1 effort was the 55th game in Cowboys history where a passer attempted at least 30 passes and did not get sacked once.

21. Prescott’s 12.7 yards per pass attempt were the second-highest in Week 1 behind Jackson’s 16.2.

22. Prescott’s 16.2 yards per completion were the third-highest in Week 1 behind Jackson’s 19.1 and Marcus Mariota’s 17.7.

23. Prescott’s 78.1% completion percentage was the fourth-highest from Week 1.

24. Prescott’s 78.1% in Week 1 was the second-highest instance of a Cowboys quarterback having a 75-plus completion percentage on at least 30 pass attempts. Highest is Troy Aikman’s 80.0% on Jan. 2, 1994 in a 16-13 overtime win at the New York Giants.

25. Prescott had the eighth-lowest “time to throw,” according to Next Gen Stats, at 2.53 seconds.

26. According to Next Gen Stats, Prescott had a 0.4 “air yards to the sticks.” In other words, Prescott’s passes were 0.4 yards beyond the line to gain on average.

27. According to Next Gen Stats, Prescott was 9-of-11 on the right side of the field with a 1-of-2 completion rate on deep throws and an 8-of-9 completion rate on passes within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage.



28. Keenum is the fourth different quarterback Washington will start in as many games. The last time this happened was from 1987-88 when Washington started Ed Rubbert in a replacement game, Jay Schroeder in the second game of ’87, Mark Rypien in the first game of ’88, and Doug Williams in the second game of ’88.

29. Keenum is the first quarterback since Trent Dilfer to appear in a NFC championship game and then play for two different teams over the next two seasons.

30. Keenum has never started 0-2 in his career.

31. Keenum is 1-3 against the NFC East with a 0-1 record at home. Incidentally, that lone win came when he was with the Minnesota Vikings and playing at Washington.

32. Keenum produced the highest single-game passing yards in his career last week in the loss to Philadelphia at 380.

33. Last week’s loss to Philadelphia was the fourth game of his career where Keenum threw 40-plus times with no interceptions.

34. Last week’s loss to Philadelphia was the second time in Keenum’s career where he threw 40-plus times and had three touchdowns.

35. Keenum’s 117.6 passer rating last week is the eighth-highest of his career.

36. Keenum was tied with Drew Brees for the seventh-highest “time to throw,” according to Next Gen Stats, with 2.85 seconds in Week 1.

37. In Week 1, Keenum was tied with Mitch Trubisky for the fifth-lowest “air yards to sticks” at minus-3, according to Next Gen Stats. In other words, Keenum’s throws were three yards behind the line to gain on average.

38. Keenum has never faced the Dallas Cowboys.



39. Garrett has a 34-19 record against the NFC East with a 19-7 record on the road.

40. Garrett is 17-10 in the month of September.

41. Garrett is 17-9 in the first games of a series against NFC East foes with an 8-2 record on the road.

42. Garrett has a 6-2 mark at FedEx Field. Here is how that compares to the rest of the division:

Lincoln Financial Field: 7-2

FedEx Field: 6-2

MetLife Stadium: 5-3


43. Garrett is 12-5 against Washington. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys head coaches:

Tom Landry: 15-16

Jason Garrett: 12-5

Dave Campo: 5-1

Bill Parcells: 5-3

Chan Gailey: 4-0

Wade Phillips: 4-3

Jimmy Johnson: 5-5

Barry Switzer: 4-4


44. A win would give Garrett 13 wins over Washington and unbreak a tie with the Giants for the most wins against an NFC East team. Third place is Philadelphia with 10.

45. Jimmy Johnson is the only Cowboys head coach to have not swept Washington. Conversely, four out of the Cowboys’ eight head coaches have been swept by Washington (Landry, Switzer, Parcells, Garrett).

46. NY Giants, Carolina, Green Bay, Arizona, and Washington are the only teams Jason Garrett has defeated as both a starting quarterback and head coach.

47. Garrett is currently 40-34 without Tony Romo under center.

48. Garrett is 20-15 on the road without Romo under center.

49. Garrett is 7-2 against Washington without Romo. Here is how that compares to other divisional opponents:

Washington: 7-2

NY Giants: 6-3

Philadelphia: 5-5


50. The Cowboys were one of 12 teams in Week 1 who did not commit a turnover.

51. Garrett went 2/5 (.400) on challenges in 2018, and has to yet challenge in 2019.

52. Garrett is 9-9 when coaching the Cowboys in their blue jerseys.

53. As a starter, Garrett actually led Dallas to a win in their blue jerseys with a 31-10 win at Washington on Oct. 4, 1998.



54. Gruden is 7-10 in initial division games. His first ever division win was against the Cowboys.

55. At home, Gruden is 7-9 against the NFC East.

56. Gruden is 4-7 in late afternoon games with a 1-2 record at home.

57. Gruden has a 5-7 record in September:

September: 5-7

October: 11-6

November: 6-11

December: 7-9

January: 1-2


58. Gruden is 4-6 in home games in October.

59. Gruden is 1-4 against the Cowboys at FedEx Field.

60. A loss would give Gruden his second 0-2 start of his career. Incidentally, that 0-2 start occurred after a Week 2 home game against the Cowboys.

61. Gruden is by far the longest-tenured Washington coach in the Dan Snyder era at 82 games. Among Washington coaches, he is fourth behind Norv Turner’s 109 games.

62. By coaching Sunday, Gruden will tie his brother, Jon, as the longest-tenured coach in any Bruce Allen-led front office. Jon had coached 82 games, including playoffs, for the Buccaneers from 2004-08 when Allen was the general manager.

63. Gruden was head coach or the Orlando Predators in the Arena Football League from 1998-01 and then 2004-08. In the 2006 Eastern Conference championship, Gruden’s Predators defeated the Dallas Desperados 45-28. The Desperados were owned by Jerry Jones and coached by assistant director of pro personnel Will McClay.



64. This is the 34th game in the Dallas-Washington series that FOX will broadcast, and that alone is a little over half the games CBS broadcast in the series with 59 total.

65. Dallas-Washington has been played on 5/7 possible broadcast networks. Here is a breakdown of the Cowboys’ record against their archrival by network:

CBS: 32-24-2

FOX: 23-10

NBC: 4-2

ABC: 7-7

ESPN: 4-1


66. Dallas is 136-123 all-time on FOX, including postseason.

67. Washington is 127-166-1 all-time on FOX, including postseason.

68. This week’s commentators are Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis. Burkhardt called Cowboys games on the radio along with Danny White on Compass Media Networks from 2011-12, and Davis was an undrafted free agent who failed to make the Cowboys in 1987.

69. Dallas is 25-18 when Kevin Burkhardt calls their games.

70. The Cowboys are 6-1 when Charles Davis does color commentary for their games.



71. The Cowboys have had Hochuli just once before: Dec. 23, 2018, in a 27-20 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dallas had more penalties than the opposition: 10/67 to 9/72.

72. Washington has not had Hochuli as a referee until now. However, on Oct. 27, 2014, Washington had Hochuli as a side judge in coach Jay Gruden’s first NFC East win, a 20-17 overtime win at the Dallas Cowboys.

73. Hochuli had the third-highest home team winning percentage in 2018:

John Hussey: .867

Carl Cheffers: .800

Tony Corrente: .750

Shawn Hochuli: .667

Walt Coleman: .625

Jerome Boger: .600

Alex Kemp: .600

Clay Martin: .600

Craig Wrolstad: .600

John Parry: .600

Brad Allen: .533

Pete Morelli: .533

Ron Torbert: .533

Bill Vinovich: .533

Walt Anderson: .467

Shawn Smith: .433

Clete Blakeman: .333


74. Hochuli was tied for the seventh-lowest percentage of home teams having fewer penalties:

Craig Wrolstad: .867

Pete Morelli: .667

Tony Corrente: .643

John Hussey: .600

Bill Vinovich: .600

Walt Anderson: .533

Brad Allen: .533

Walt Coleman: .531

Clete Blakeman: .467

Jerome Boger: .467

Shawn Hochuli: .467

Shawn Smith: .400

John Parry: .333

Ron Torbert: .333

Carl Cheffers: .333

Alex Kemp: .333

Clay Martin: .333


75. Hochuli’s games were tied for the sixth-fewest sacks in 2018:

Cheffers: 6.2

Martin: 5.8

Coleman: 5.6

Anderson: 5.3

Torbert: 5.3

Hussey: 5.1

Morelli: 5.1

Blakeman: 4.9

Vinovich: 4.9

Wrolstad: 4.9

Smith: 4.9

Hochuli: 4.9

Corrente: 4.7

Allen: 4.0

Kemp: 4.0

Parry: 3.9

Boger: 3.6


76. Anderson’s games featured the most offensive holding calls in 2018:

Hochuli: 4.5

Anderson: 3.5

Cheffers: 3.4

Parry: 3.3

Torbert: 3.1

Wrolstad: 3.1

Blakeman: 2.7

Boger: 2.7

Martin: 2.6

Kemp: 2.5

Morelli: 2.4

Smith: 2.3

Allen: 2.1

Corrente: 2.0

Coleman: 1.9

Hussey: 1.6

Vinovich: 1.2


77. Anderson was in the middle of the pack on challenge overturn rate in 2018:

Allen: .800 (4/5)

Anderson: .692 (9/13)

Morelli: .667 (2/3)

Cheffers: .625 (5/8)

Hussey: .556 (5/9)

Parry: .500 (4/8)

Vinovich: .444 (4/9)

Corrente: .417 (5/12)

Hochuli: .400 (2/5)

Martin: .375 (3/8)

Wrolstad: .364 (4/11)

Coleman: .333 (3/9)

Torbert: .333 (3/9)

Blakeman: .333 (2/6)

Boger: .182 (2/11)

Smith: .167 (1/6)

Kemp: .125 (1/8)


78. Shawn Hochuli is exactly who you think he is: former referee Ed Hochuli’s son. Dallas had a 20-13 record with Hochuli.

79. This is the first NFC East game for Hochuli to referee, and first NFC division game for Hochuli to referee.

80. The AFC East and AFC West are tied for the most games Hochuli has refereed with two apiece.



81. Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence has 5.5 sacks against Washington, the most against any opponent.

82. If Lawrence sacks Case Keenum, it will be his 20th different quarterback sack.

83. A half-sack against the Giants moved Lawrence past DE Charles Haley for the seventh-most sacks for the Cowboys since 1982. DT Randy White firmly controls sixth place at 52.0.

84. Lawrence is tied with LB Bradie James for the fourth-most forced fumbles for the Cowboys since 1993 with 10.

85. The Cowboys have the most players with forced fumbles with three: Lawrence, safety Xavier Woods, and linebacker Leighton Vander Esch.

86. Dallas safety Jeff Heath is tied for the fourth-most pass breakups so far in 2019 with two.

87. Running back Ezekiel Elliott’s 4.1 yards per carry is 23rd in the NFL.

88. The Cowboys have the fourth-highest scoring offense in the NFL at 35.0 points per game.

89. The Cowboys were one of eight teams in the NFL last week that converted on all of their red zone trips.

90. The Cowboys’ 60.0% third down conversion rate is the sixth-best in the NFL.

91. The average Cowboys drive lasts 3:14, the ninth-longest in the NFL.

92. Average starting field position for the Cowboys is their own 40.5-yard line, considered the fifth-worst in the NFL through one week.

93. The Cowboys score on 50% of their drives, tied for the sixth-most in the NFL through one week.

94. Washington is tied for the 11th-worst red zone conversion rate in the NFL at 50.0%

95. Washington has the 13th-worst third down conversion rate in the NFL at 38.5%.

96. The Rams and Cowboys were the only teams to have two players with 10-plus combined tackles in Week 1.

97. Washington WR Terry McLaurin was one of eight players to have 125-plus yards receiving in Week 1.

98. The Cowboys are 6-4 on Sept. 15. Here are the results:

2013 – @KC, 16-17 – L

2008 – PHI, 41-37 – W

2003 – @NYG, 35-32 – W

2002 – OTI, 21-13 – W

1997 – PHI, 21-20 – W

1996 – CLT, 24-25 – L

1991 – PHI, 0-24 – L

1985 – @DET, 21-26 – L

1974 – @ATL, 24-0 – W

1968 – @DET, 59-13 – W


99. Washington is 5-2 on Sept. 15. Here are the results:

2013 – @GB, 20-38 – L

1996 – @NYG, 31-10 – W

1991 – CRD, 34-0 – W

1985 – OTI, 16-13 – W

1974 – @NYG, 13-10 – W

1968 – @CHI, 38-28 – W

1963 – @CLE, 14-37 – L


100. The Cowboys have one birthday to celebrate in former defensive tackle DeVone Claybrooks. Born on Sept. 15, 1977, Claybrooks played eight games for Dallas is 2004 and recorded two tackles.