PG Hawks Sergio Rodriguez #1 in your program and #1 in your heart

PG Hawks Sergio Rodriguez
Pleasant Grove Hawks wide receiver Sergio Rodriguez

PG Hawks Sergio Rodriguez is #1 in your program and #1 in your heart.

At least that’s what yours truly Bob DelGiorno thinks. Why? Well, that’s what we found out when we visited the Senior wide receiver in his football coach’s office Tuesday in Texarkana, Texas.

Rodriguez plays for the Pleasant Grove Hawks. The Hawks are currently  the #1 team in the state.  Rodriquez has put up huge numbers for PG in their first 3 games of the season.

How did Sergio Rodriguez get the #1 jersey?

“After my sophomore year, the senior class graduated. I asked the #1 before me Cameron Wells if he was cool with it. He said he was,” Rodriguez said. “It was available and I got it.”

Rodriguez’s parents moved from Mexico to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is where Sergio was born. His parents worked with Sergio’s uncle’s restaurant in Hope, Ark. The Rodriguez’s (Sergio’s parents)  opened their own restaurant in Texarkana. Their restaurant is Amigo Juan. Amigo Juan is located at 4301 Morris Ln.

“I loved my mom’s scrambled eggs,  especially when I was little. However, now my favorite is Cheese Quesadillas,” Sergio said.

Rodriguez is a speed demon on the field. His stats are mind boggling.   Going into this weeks game at Gladewater; Rodriguez has 6 catches, 4 TD’s, and 248 total yards. He’s averaging over 40 yards per catch.

PG Hawks Sergio Rodriguez

“I like to get behind people and try to get Harmon (Ben Harmon) to throw the ball over their heads.” Rodriguez said. “I like the long ball.”

Pleasant Grove’s  head football coach is Josh Gibson. He said that Rodriguez is a great kid.

“He’s a returning leader for us and he’s been very productive for us on the football field,”  Gibson said.” He had a big Junior year and he’s having another great year this year.”

Coach Gibson said that Rodriquez is an unselfish kid that likes playing football with his buddies.

Sergio Rodriquez had mononucleosis the year the Hawks won their state championship in 2017. He spent that game on the sidelines. He hopes to get a chance to play in and win a state championship this year.

As far as life after high school is concerned; Rodriguez said he wants to  study nursing. He said that he currently has no plans to play college football.

If Rodriguez continues to excel on the grid iron; college football teams may try to change his mind about not playing at the next level. No matter what he decides, he’ll always be #1 in our program and #1 in our hearts at Fox Sports Texarkana.