New Diana squelches De Kalb 15-2

By Trent Thomas

The New Diana Eagles soared past the De Kalb Bears 15-2 In wet, messy conditions, New Diana was able to play lock down defense against De Kalb, who struggled to get anything going all night long.

The only first half scoring came in the way of the Eagles, who scored on a 5 yard TD pass, and a 27 yard field goal right before half In the second half, there were a pair of safeties, one for each team. ND got theirs on a block punt, and DK was able to stuff the line of scrimmage, in getting their only points of the game.

So far, New Diana is only team this season, that has kept the mighty Bear’s offense out of the end zone.

De Kalb now faces Ore City as New Diana takes on Elysian Fields next week.