$13 million athletic arena, added classrooms, to be constructed in Genoa

Superintendent Angie Bryant said ground breaking for Genoa's new athletic arena, with additional classrooms, should take place by May.


GENOA, Ark. – Genoa schools will soon satisfy its growing pains with a multi-million dollar arena that will house athletic, community and graduation events, in addition to having added classrooms for students.

Superintendent Angie Bryant said the school board initiated talks about the project soon after she took charge of the school district three years ago.

“We needed classrooms; with a partnership application for classroom space, the board knew we qualified for help,” said Bryant. “After finding out we could afford to add classrooms with an arena we started planning. We should be breaking ground by May, and hope it’s completed for the 2021-22 school year.”

With a budget of $13 million, the arena will seat 1,808. That will be big enough to host 4A and 3A regional and state athletic events. There will also be more parking available for athletic and school events.

The new facility won’t be the only change coming to Genoa. Freshmen will no longer attend high school. Grades 10-12 will be high school, while grades 7-9 will be junior high.


Arena economical move says Superintendent

“It’s very economical in the sense everything will be under one roof,” said Bryant. “The classrooms will actually be outside the arena, but under the same roof. It will be a bowl-shape facility. Features will include two concession stands, one at each end. There will be two levels, and you can only walk around the building on the bottom. There will be an elevator to the second level, which will also feature a hospitality room.”

The school board took road trips to Nashville and Mineral Springs to tour their new athletic arenas.

“We like both, especially Nashville’s,” said Genoa’s Supintendent. “Our location is a little off the road, but it’s a wonderful area to host events with all the commerce, restaurants and hotels near by in Texarkana.

“We’re approaching 1,200 students (k-12), and we’re running out of space. Some of our basketball games can’t hold everyone. We have fans standing in the lobby at some of our rivalry games and tournaments.”

Sounds like Superintendent Bryant is a lady with vision.