Mike McCarthy enthused to be Cowboys coach

Mike McCarthy

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is excited about the opportunity to coach the franchise known as “America’s Team.”

However, rather than simply seeing it as another coaching job or enjoying the spotlight of one of the hottest sidelines in pro sports, McCarthy said in his introductory press conference Wednesday that he is the caretaker of the organization.

“I’m working at the most iconic franchise in all of professional sports,” McCarthy said. “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

According to owner Jerry Jones, when he was interviewing McCarthy on Sunday night, he said he “heard bells.” Jones told McCarthy a story of how he bought the Cowboys in 1989, and then reached his arm across the table and offered the head coaching job to the Super Bowl winning coach.

McCarthy, who has worked with quarterbacks Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers in the past, says that he is looking forward to working with Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott.

There were some lighthearted moments in the press conference. The subject did come up whether or not Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant caught the ball in the 2014 NFC divisional playoffs against the Packers. At the time, McCarthy was coach of the Packers. He had not won a challenge all season, going 0/5 on challenges. However, that challenge in the fourth quarter of whether not Bryant caught the ball on the fourth-and-2 play was the only challenge he won all season.

Now that McCarthy is coach of the Cowboys and the NFL competition committee has further defined what is a catch after that incident, McCarthy has changed his tune.

The Cowboys have not been to the NFC Championship Game since 1995. Dallas is hopeful that McCarthy, who took the Packers to four during his tenure with the Green Bay Packers from 2006-18, will be able to help the Cowboys get into the NFL’s final four, if not win their sixth Super Bowl in club history.