Gas prices drop 4 cents in Texarkana


Gas prices are getting cheaper in Texarkana with the price going down four cents over the past week.

According to new data from AAA Texas, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the Texarkana area was $2.19, down from a $2.23 the same time a week ago.

The gas prices reflect the 10th-cheapest in the state of Texas, tied with Laredo, the Fort Worth-Arlington area, and Abilene.

The most expensive gas in Texas is in Midland where drivers are paying $2.45 a gallon on average. In nearby Odessa, the second-most expensive gas prices can be found at $2.43.

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The cheapest gas in the Lone Star State is in the Sherman-Denison area where drivers are paying $2.10 a gallon. The second-cheapest prices are in McAllen at $2.13 a gallon.

Comparatively, Texarkana’s $2.19 is three cents cheaper than the statewide average and 35 cents cheaper than the national average.

“Gas prices usually trend lower in January as demand for fuel drops due to colder temperatures and fewer people driving,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “As demand drops, regional supplies continue to build, which is likely going to force prices lower.”

Part of the reason why drivers in Texas are paying less to fill their gas tanks is because the gasoline supply is outpacing the demand this winter, according to AAA Texas. Combined with the fact that drivers are out less this time of year anyway, and it is easy to see why the prices keep going down. Furthermore, in the region, the supplies are continuing to build, which also helps drive prices lower on a weekly basis.