Robotics team from Texas Middle School wins 1st & 2nd at area challenge

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PICTURE IDENTIFICATION (L-R) First Row: Jared Chavez, Aidyn Morris, Hayden Phelps, Lilie Orgeron, Christian Douglas, Diana Hernandez, Griffin White, Coach Michele Whorton Second Row: Coach Sandra McNeely, Kason Orgeron, Daniel Hawley, Riley Roberts, Will Prewitt, Jaden Rhone, Kelond Thompson Third Row: Gavin Smith, Sanders Wiggins, Ean Sharp, Ryan Kate Walker, Jadyn Weinstein, Lili LeFors, Coach John Baugus Back Row: Uriel Camacho, Duncan McGhee, Coy Ward, Daniel Song, Adam McCarter, Truth Dukes, Brett Sparks Not Pictured: Lauren Friday, Worth McMillen, Johnathan Torres-Quick

TEXARKANA — The Texas Middle School SWAT Robotics Teams placed first and second during the Texas Computer Education Association region 8 robotics challenge Jan. 17 in Pittsburg, Texas.

More than 90 teams came out to participate in the event put on the TCEA, which seeks to advance teaching and learning through the use of technology. The TCEA has helped increase technology funding and access for Pre-K-16 schools for nearly 40 years and supports educators in the field who help enhance curriculum with digital tools.

The SWAT team (Students with Amazing Talents) participated in the inventions competition, which allows students to create a product using robots that solves a world problem. The students have to document the process in an engineering notebook, market it with various materials such as websites and prototypes, and then present their sales pitch to a panel of judges.

Frank Lucchesi

The first place team consisted of Truth Dukes, Lauren Friday, Diana Hernandez, and Ryan Kate Walker.

The second place team was comprised of Adam McCarter, Ean Sharp, Daniel Song, and Brett Sparks.

There were other Texas Middle School robotics teams that competed, and it was in the intermediate and advanced arena. Students had to address a prescribed problem and them program their robot to solve the problem.

The intermediate fifth place team consisted of Worth McMillen, Aidyn White, Griffin White, and Sanders Wiggins.

The intermediate seventh place team featured Lili LeFors and Lillie Orgeron.

The intermediate 24th place team had Will Prewitt, Kason Orgeron, and Gavin Smith.

In the advanced arena, the team of Uriel Camacho, Christian Douglas, and Jonathan Torres-Quick placed 12th.

Jared Chavez, Duncan McGhee, and Riley Roberts placed 17th.

The team of Coy Ward and Jadyn Weinstein were 26th.