Fox Sports Texarkana launches “the Couch”, a new morning show

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Fox Sports Texarkana the Couch
Donnie Kelley (Left) and Mondo Barry (Right) Co-hosts of the Couch.
Fox Sports Texarkana 97.1 FM and 1400 AM will launch “The Couch”,  a new morning show Monday February 17th, 2020.

The Couch, starring Donnie Kelley Jr, and Mondo Barry will air weekdays 7 a.m. till 8 a.m.
Fox Sports Texarkana the Couch
The Couch will air on Fox Sports Texarkana 97.1 FM and 1400 AM 7 AM till 8 AM weekdays


Donnie and Mondo have been streaming their show on Facebook. However, now they’ll be on the radio, internet, podcasts, APPS and Facebook live.
The Couch will now have a chance to reach a massive radio and internet audience. Fox Sports Texarkana reaches over 14 million people per month. The radio station reaches listeners on air, the internet and on their digital platform.
Fox Sports Texarkana the Couch
Fox Sports Texarkana reaches more people than all the other radio stations in Texarkana combined, according to Facebook. Fox Sports Texarkana’s Facebook page has over 178,000 followers.
“Donnie and Mondo have a huge following in Texarkana,” Bob DelGiorno, owner of Fox Sports Texarkana 97.1 FM and 1400 AM said. “We think they will make our station better.”
Bob DelGionro is the host of the Lead Off Man Show which will be relaunched in a new time slot on Fox Sports Texarkana at a date in the near future.

Kelley is an Arkansas High graduate and owner of Elite Sports Training

Donnie Kelley Jr., 1999 Graduate of Arkansas High School, married to Monica Kelley, two boys.
Fox Sports Texarkana the Couch
Donnie Kelley JR
Kelley works at Southwest Arkansas Electric CoOp; he’s worked there for 18 years. Kelley is also the owner of Elite Sports training.

Mondo Barry is a grad of Arkansas High too

Mondo Barry, 1988 Graduate of Texarkana Arkansas High school. Barry has been married for 22 years to his wife Tia. Together, they have three children;  Shenekqua,Dante and Fortunate. They have four grandchildren,  three boys and one girl. Barry is retired from Alcoa where he worked for 20 years.
Fox Sports Texarkana the Couch
Barry worked for TASD for nine years and is currently employed by Arch Ford.