Price of gas jumps 6 cents in Texarkana

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After enjoying weeks of decreasing gas prices, the price started going back up in Texarkana.

According to data from AAA Texas, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline increased six cents to $2.09, which ranks as the third-lowest gas prices in the state of Texas.

The cheapest gas can be found in San Antonio where prices are $2.05 at the pump on average. The most expensive gas is in El Paso at $2.36.

El Paso also saw the biggest jump in prices at 37 cents. A 22-cent rise in costs dropped Sherman-Denison out of the rankings for cheapest gas in Texas.

Even though gas prices are on the rise, Texas ranks among the states with least expensive gas cost averages. This is is the first jump in prices since January, and the reason is rising crude oil and wholesale gas prices.

The cost of gas could fluctuate over the coming weeks as global markets adjust to the coronavirus’ impact as well as the U.S.’s gasoline demand and stock level numbers.

“Texas boasts some of the cheapest gas prices averages in the country,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “Whether that trend continues will depend on several factors including gasoline stock supply and demand.”

Regional refinery rate utilization is still at 90%, even though regional gas stocks in the South and Southeast decreased for two weeks in a row.