Texas Rangers investigating in custody death

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Texas Rangers

TEXARKANA — The Texas Rangers are investigating an in custody death that occurred early morning on Monday.

According to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, Michael Haywood died after becoming unresponsive in the Bi-State Jail and died after CPR had been performed and Life Net personnel notified.

At approximately 3:06 a.m., Bowie County Sheriff deputies were dispatched to the 300 block of County Road 2002 in New Boston due to calls of a prowler in the area. Though the call was later changed to a disturbance, deputies arrived and discovered from the reporting person that Haywood had been offered a ride home and refused the offer.

According to the sheriff’s office via the reporting person, Haywood, who reportedly suffered mental illness, had been consuming alcohol.

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The sheriff’s office says one of the deputies offered a ride home to Haywood, who accepted. According to law enforcement, Haywood began to act erratic and refused to get out of the patrol unit when he arrived to his home. Haywood, the sheriff office says, broke the door handle off the patrol unit during his resistance to keep the door shut.

The deputy then arrested Haywood for criminal mischief for breaking the door handle, and decided to transport Haywood to the Bi-State Jail unrestrained to avoid further confrontation due to Haywood’s mental state.

The sheriff’s office says Haywood became more belligerent during the drive and attempted to get out of the patrol unit while it was moving. The deputy requested assistance and pulled over to secure Haywood. The sheriff’s office says they had to place Haywood in leg and hand restraints.

Haywood died while in custody at the Bi-State Jail. The Texas Rangers were notified and are conducting an investigation into the matter.