Stanford boasts TISD students accomplishing goals with lots of homework

Texas High senior Owen Likins hoped to graduate this spring with lots of gold around his neck from the UIL Track & Field Championships. That event has been cancelled because of the coronavirus.


Athletic Director Gerry Stanford is proud of what the Texarkana Independent School District is accomplishing with homework during these unprecedented days because of the coronavirus.

“I don’t really have an opinion of when things might get back to normal,” said Stanford. “The door is wide open as to what could happen. Schools were shut down by the UIL a few days during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic, and after 9-11 in 2001. The economy is going to be a big factor. When the economy opens back up and working, maybe things will change.

“I do think whatever the NCAA does is going to highly impact what we do. Personally, I would be surprised if we started playing football with no fans in the stands. There’s so much money involved in football. If you go back to LSU’s national championship, they accumulated 54 million dollars in net profit.”

Freshman Thomas Curry will have other opportunities, but he had hoped to compete this year in the UIL State Golf tournament. Curry shot a 62 earlier this year.

TISD puts together homework plan

When campuses were closed, Texas High’s administration and staff put together a plan that has worked exceptionally well for 1,800-plus students.

Each teacher and coach at the high school was assigned approximately 15 students each. The teachers check on those students twice a week to make sure they’re assigned to a tudor, and getting school work done.

Stanford says each student’s homework is documented when communicating with their teacher. Texas High’s head football coach indicated the same goes for his athletes.

“We have direct communication between the athletes and the coaches,” said Stanford. “Our coaches are responsible for their athletes’ grades. Communication with the athletes has gone well. At the same time you can’t expect our players’ conditioning to be at a level of 100 percent of where they were. We usually begin summer workouts June 1. Participation this fall is one of the unknowns. It’s not just football, but the school. Parents are ready for their kids to be back in school.”


Football schedule could be tough assignment

Evidence of Stanford’s most recent work was scheduling a second football scrimmage in August with Rockwall. The Tigers will also scrimmage 5A powerhouse Longview again, with their first game set for Sept. 4 at home against rival Arkansas High.

Stanford and administrators at Texas High expect more information from Gov. Greg Abbott soon in regard to graduation.

“Once we hear from Austin we’ll start planning our graduation,” said Stanford. “We want graduation to seem as normal as possible.”