Texarkana Celebrates 5th annual First Responders Appreciation Day

First Responders Appreciation Day
Dr. Matt Young of Texarkana Emergency Center

Yesterday was the 5th annual First Responders Appreciation Day in Texarkana. All first responders who came to the convention centers were given a free meal.

The day started with a press conference in the Texarkana, Texas convention Center. Dr. Matt Young, from Texarkana Emergency Center, started off the press conference and continually expressed his gratitude for our First Responders. “We are forever grateful for our first responders because they are always there to answer that call,” said Dr. Young, “We would like to say a simple, thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice.” The press conference also included an official joint proclamation from Mayor Brown and Mayor Bruggeman recognizing yesterday as First Responders Day. However, the press conference was only the first part of the day.


Big Jake’s BBQ came out and served all first responders a free meal

They served meals outside both the Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas Convention Centers from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Firetrucks, squad cars, ambulances, and more flooded into the parking lot as these local heroes came by to grab a free meal. A local boy scout troop came out to help serve all the first responders who came.

Dr. Young initially came up with the idea in 2016 after 5 Police officers in Dallas were shot and killed. He felt that first responders did not get enough recognition for all that they do and so he came with First Responders Day. First Responders Day was sponsored by Texarkana Emergency Center, Farmer’s Bank and Trust, Texarkana Funeral Home, and Eagle Distributing of Texarkana. First Responders Day always occurs during National EMS Week.


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