Chris Druhan off to Fayetteville with a shiney ring and new Hyundai Sonata

Recent graduate Chris Druhan was at Orr Hyundai in Texarkana this week to pick up his 2020 Sonata. He will be attending the University of Arkansas this fall in style with new red Hyundai. Druhan was a starter on Pleasant Grove's 2019 state championship football team.


Pleasant Grove graduate Chris Druhan now has a state championship ring to remember the past, and a 2020 Hyundai Sonata for his future endeavors.

Chris Druhan’s new car.

State champion driving new Sonata

Druhan was a starter in the offensive line on the Hawks’ 2019 championship team. His football career is behind him. He’s preparing for the next step at the University of Arkansas.

Planet Fitness in Texarkana

Druhan also played for the Hawks’ 2018 team, which lost in the 4A Division II state championship game to Cuero.