Bridges to be replaced in Bowie County


TEXARKANA — The Texas Department of Transportation has approved plans to replace two narrow bridges on State Highway 98 in southwest Bowie County.

TxDOT says the replacement will occur over the next couple of years.

“We will be replacing the bridges crossing Anderson Creek and Anderson Creek Relief,” said Paul Wong, area engineer for TxDOT in Texarkana. “The current structures are 28 feet wide and the new ones will be 44 feet wide with two 12-foot traffic lanes and 10-foot shoulders on each side. We will also be raising the elevation of the bridges about three to five feet to improve drainage under the bridges.”

The new spans will be installed one lane at a time, and the traffic across the one-lane restricted areas will be controlled by traffic signals at each end of the project.

The contract was awarded to East Texas Bridges, Inc. of Longview at the bid of $3.9 million.

Work on the project should begin in August and should be completed by December 2021.