Texarkana gas prices 8th-expensive in state


Texarkana gas prices are still among the most expensive in the state of Texas.

According to new data from AAA Texas, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the Texarkana area was $1.93, representing the eighth-most expensive gas in the state. The prices were one cent lower compared to the same time last week, and Texarkana drivers are still paying even less compared to a year ago when prices were $2.45.

The cheapest gas in Texas can be found in San Antonio, where drivers are paying $1.79 per gallon. Drivers in the El Paso area are paying $2.15 per gallon, the most expensive gas prices in the state.

Texas’ statewide average is $1.90, the fifth-cheapest gas in the country. The national average for gas currently is $2.19, which means that drivers in the Twin Cities area are still getting a good deal when it comes to gas prices.

According to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration, the Texas gas prices are slightly less expensive compared to a week ago because of an increase in regional gas stocks and the U.S. demand falling by nearly 100,000 barrels a day.

Analysts believe market volatility is low presently, which means drivers could expect to see an infinitesimal price shift over the new couple of weeks, barring any major impacts to refinery operations in the Gulf of Mexico due to tropical weather.

“While the summer driving season is underway, many drivers have not yet returned to their normal routines as COVID-19 concerns remain,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “It appears gasoline demand has tapered off from the beginning of the month, which could mean slightly less expensive prices at the pump.”

Arkansas and Alabama are tied for the third-lowest gas prices in the country at $1.89. Louisiana is second at $1.86, and Mississippi continues to hold onto first place with $1.84.