TWU to temporarily change water disinfecting methods


TEXARKANA — Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU) says they will change the method of disinfecting drinking water temporarily. The change begins Aug. 4 and is expected to last eight weeks.

During the change, the water will still be safe to drink. Currently, TWU uses chloramine, a mixture of ammonia and chlorine, to disinfect water. Starting Aug. 4, they will begin using chlorine only, otherwise known as “free chlorine.” The change is done periodically and is done as a preventative maintenance measure for city water systems in Arkansas and Texas. The last time this procedure was performed was in October-November 2019.

Residents may see more flushing of fire hydrants during this process. Certain water lines with low flow must be flushed more often to make sure that free chlorinated water is sufficiently moving through the water system.

Minerals attach to pipes over time and release where there are changes in pressure that could result in discoloration. Nitrification and the growth of biofilm could also occur in water pipes. The biofilm growth can cause a reduction in the effectiveness of residual disinfectants over time. Free chlorine helps cleanse the lines, reduce the occurrence of nitrification and biofilm, and make sure TWU customers get quality water.

TWU says they will monitor chlorine levels and water quality standards in the system each day to make sure the safety of the water and that all state and regulatory standards are met.

A list of frequently asked questions is available on their website and can be accessed by clicking here. Anyone with questions or more information is encouraged to contact Rick Barton, water production manager, or Robert Bean, laboratory supervisor, at 903-798-3850.