16 new COVID-19 cases in Bowie County

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Graphic. (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Rosario "Charo" Gutierrez)

TEXARKANA — The Bowie County emergency operations center reported 16 new positive COVID-19 cases.

The total on Monday since the pandemic began was 643, and the emergency operations center reported 659 positive cases on Tuesday.

Since the pandemic began, there have been 38 deaths. There have been 288 recoveries since the pandemic began. 333 cases are being traced in the county.

Anyone who has contracted COVID-19 or any healthcare provider that administers COVID-19 testing should contact the local health authority at 903-255-5560 as the emergency operations center is still conducting contact tracing.

There is currently a free COVID-19 testing clinic being offered at the Bowie-Texarkana health department at 902 West 12th Street in Texarkana. The testing site is still open through Saturday, Aug. 8 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Anyone interested in getting tested should register at gogettested.com or onsite. For more information, call 903-255-5560. The presentation of symptoms is not required to get tested at this site.

Here is a breakdown of every COVID-19 cases in the county since the pandemic began.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bowie County 8/5/2020
Total Cases in Bowie County 659
Ages (Bowie County Cases)
0-18 71
19-29 107
30-39 106
40-49 100
50-59 96
60-69 77
70-79 66
80+ 36
-Gender (Bowie County Cases)
Male 294
Female 365

Bowie’s 16 weren’t the only new cases to report. In nearby Cass County, there were 158 total cases with 84 recoveries and seven deaths. There are currently 67 active cases in the county.

For the latest information and updates on the coronavirus in the Texarkana area, visit www.coronatxk.org or call 903-255-5560.