Arkansas side of I-30 speed limit to drop from Sept. 8-25

Bridge rail
Road Construction

TEXARKANA — The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department announced Friday that the speed limit for Interstate 30 on the Arkansas side will drop to 65 MPH from Sept. 8-25.

The drop in speed limit on the westbound side is to accommodate the construction zone as improvements are being made to I-30. TAPD says they will be enforcing traffic laws in the areas to protect drivers and construction workers.

The police ask that motorists stay off of phones for safety reasons and to be aware of traffic suddenly stopping. TAPD asks that drivers follow directions of law enforcement officers and construction workers.

If workers are present, drivers are to slow their speeds and to be alert. TAPD asks that drivers find alternative routes and avoid the affected areas if at all possible. Commuters who have to use I-30 should allow themselves plenty of time to account for travel delays.