Bridge rail, guard rail to be replaced on U.S.-82 at Leary Creek in Leary

Bridge rail
Road Construction

The Texas Department of Transportation announced Monday plans to replace the guard rail and bridge rail on U.S.-82 a quarter mile east of FM 2253 near Leary Creek.

To install the bridge rail and guard rail, TXDOT says they will have to restrict traffic to one lane, one-way for several weeks while workers make the appropriate replacements.

There will be traffic signals at each end of the project and the traffic signals will control traffic by allowing just one direction of travel at a time through the work zone.

The work is expected to start on Wednesday, Nov. 11, and should take five to six weeks complete.

Anyone with any questions about the construction work is invited to call the TXDOT Texarkana area office at 903-838-8574.