Texarkana Homeless Coalition launches Operation Responsible Compassion

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3446 Summerhill Road
Texarkana TX 75503

Texarkana Homeless

TEXARKANA — The Texarkana Homeless Coalition is launching Operation Responsible Compassion to help with the needs of the homeless during the holiday season.

While the visibility of panhandlers is increasing in the area, one-off donations don’t provide the sustained relief that the Texarkana Homeless Coalition seeks to provide to the needy, under privileged, and underserved, and help deliver a satisfactory conclusion to their homelessness.

Operation Responsible Compassion is designed to educate the public about options to ensure their compassion provides sustainable help. Operation Responsible Compassion also intends to drive away those looking to take advantage of the public’s goodwill, and also ensure the safety of drivers and keep them focused on the road and keep pedestrians safe.

For more information on Operation Responsible Compassion and the other initiatives and resources that the Homeless Coalition provides, visit https://www.txkhc.org/responsible-compassion. Donations can be made at the website, and donations are able to go whichever services and organization specified to help with the homelessness issue in the Twin Cities area. All donations go to who need it most.

There are other resources available on the site, including “Pocket Pal,” which includes information for food, shelter, housing opportunity, a place to get clothes and sometimes furniture, medical assistance, and assistance with finding employment.