Texas High defeats the Undefeated to Remain Undefeated

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Texas High Undefeated
Texas High Sr running back Guy Johnson

Texas High remains undefeated after a convincing district win versus an undefeated Pine Tree Pirates team. The Tigers shut out their opposers for the second week in a row after also shutting down the Marshall Mavericks in last week’s matchup. The Tigers are on a roll and show no signs of slowing down. Texas High will go to Jacksonville next week to face the Jacksonville Fight’N Indians. Their game versus Jacksonville looks to pose no problem for the Tigers as they steamroll through their competition with ease in pursuit of a spot in the playoffs and ultimately a state championship win.

Texas High Tigers Remain Undefeated on Senior Night 2.0

First Quarter

Pine Tree received the ball to begin the game. Although, their first drive resulted in a 3 and out.

Pine Tree punted and Texas High received the ball at their own 29 yard line to begin their first possession. Multiple pass completions from Brayson McHenry to Rian Cellers and Blake Rogers pushed the Tigers downfield. However, they found themselves in a 4th and long situation from the Pirates’ 39 yd line. On 4th down, McHenry completed a 39 yard touchdown pass to Cellers for the Tigers’ first score of the night. The PAT was successful by Oscar Hernandez making the score 7-0.

Pine Tree received the ball once again. Their second drive ended the same as their first. The Pirates went 3 and out and punted the ball away.

Texas High Undefeated
Texas High Senior receiver Rian Cellers scampering to the end zone.

Texas High started their next possession from their own 31 yard line. The Tigers started their drive with strong runs by Braylon Stewart in which the team effectively pushed the pile to gain a first down. A completed pass to Cellers earned Texas High another first down. This first down led to a 17 yard touchdown pass from McHenry to Clayton Smith on a fade route to the back corner of the endzone. A perfectly placed pass and an amazing catch were to credit for the play. This score pushed the Tigers to a 14-0 lead with 4:19 left in the first quarter.

Pine Tree received the ball starting at their own 30 yard line this time. Once again, the Pirates went 3 and out.

Texas High started their next possession from their own 49 yard line with 2:16 left in the first quarter. The Tigers marched down to the redzone before the quarter ended.

Second Quarter

The Tigers capped off their drive at the beginning of the second quarter with a 32 yard field goal by Hernandez. This field goal made the score 17-0.

Pine Tree received the ball once more, but their offensive struggles continued. They had a net gain of only 15 yards and punted from their own 47 yard line.

Texas High Undefeated

The Tigers got the ball at their own 20 yard line. Shortly after, a completed pass from McHenry to Cellers resulted in a 79 yard touchdown reception. This breakout play boosted the Tigers’ lead to 24-0 and further diminished the Pirates’ morale.

For the rest of the quarter the Pirates continued their offensive woes while the Tigers had a couple of turnovers themselves.

At the end of the second quarter, the Tigers scored a 29 yard touchdown pass from McHenry to Cellers with 31.7 seconds left in the half. This play made the score 31-0 at the half and added salt to the Pirates’ wounds.

In the first half, the Tigers were hitting on all cylinders. The offense notched 31 points and the defense shut down the Pine Tree offense by only allowing one first down.

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Third Quarter

The Tigers received the ball to start the second half. They ran out half of the third quarter game clock before settling for a 23 yard field goal by Hernandez, making the score 34-0 with 5:51 left in the quarter.

Pine Tree started their next possession at their own 36 yard line. Early on into their offensive drive the Pirates fumbled the ball. The fumble was scooped up by Texas High’s Lajontae Wrightner and returned 36 yards for a touchdown. Wrightner’s scoop-and-score widened the gap between the Tigers and Pirates to 41 points.

The Pirates got the ball again at their own 38 yard line, but nothing changed for them as they punted once more.

Texas High received one more opportunity to score before the end of the third quarter and took advantage of it with another field goal from Hernandez; this time it was a successful 32 yard attempt, boosting the score to 44-0.

Fourth Quarter

It was the Pirates’ turn to dig themselves out of their massive rut. Even though their offense seemed to be making progress, they still managed to fall short of a scoring play. Pine Tree threw a pass that was intercepted by Texas High’s Michael Thomas at the goal line and returned to the Tiger 5 yard line.

Zane Dodson came in to play quarterback for the Tigers. Dodson completed a pretty pass to Ben DePreist to the Tiger 42 yard line. From there, Dodson had a nice 25 yard run aided by a fantastic block by Trey Lavender to the Pine Tree 33 yard line. Despite their successful offensive drive, the Tigers fumbled the ball and it was recovered by Pine Tree.

Pine Tree had one last shot to score. The Pirates started at their own 20 yard line and made it all the way to the Texas High 16 yard line thanks to a breakaway run. Even so, the game clock ran out before anything could be made of the possession. The game ended with a final score of 44-0.

*Photos by Kevin Cook*