Lasalle Corrections to not manage Bowie County correctional facility in Feb. 2021

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On November 9, 2020, Lasalle Corrections exercised its discretionary authority to terminate without cause its contractual agreements regarding the management of the Bowie County Correctional Center. Termination of the agreement is effective February 12, 2021.

Lasalle Corrections has been providing corrections industry solutions to law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, and government municipalities for decades throughout the United States by assisting in both the development and operations of correctional centers. Lasalle Corrections has managed the Bowie County Correctional Center since 2010 and worked closely with the municipality to ensure the highest levels of service.  Rodney Cooper, Lasalle Corrections Executive Director notes that the relationship has been favorable,  “We have enjoyed and appreciate our long, positive, working relationship with Bowie County officials. We are proud of the hard working men and women at the Correctional Center and will work closely with the Sheriff’s Office to provide a smooth transition.”

Sheriff James Prince also shared an equally favoriable view of the relationship between the municipality and organization. “Bowie County has enjoyed doing business with LaSalle Corrections. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable in the correctional field. They have been very instrumental in obtaining contracts with other agencies, to take care of their inmates, in Bowie County. This has helped Bowie County with the costs of taking care of our own inmates.”

Sheriff Prince commented on what the future will look like for the Bowie County Correctional Center. “We anticipate Bowie County hiring its own employees to operate the Bowie County Jails (Bowie County Correctional Center and Bi-State Jail). We actually prepared a budget, earlier this year, to determine the estimated cost of Bowie County operating those facilities. The changeover will occur on Feb 13, 2021, after now Sheriff-Elect Jeff Neal is sworn in as Bowie County’s new Sheriff on Jan 1st. I know he is very capable to handle the duties he will have, managing the overall operation of the jail facilities.”