Gas prices up 3 cents in Texarkana

gas prices

The recent snow storm may have curtailed driving Texarkana, but it did nothing to stop the increase in gas prices over the past week.

According to new data from AAA Texas, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline rose three cents in the Texarkana area over the past week, going from $2.24 to $2.27. The prices are the eighth-highest in the state, and are a full 19 cents higher than what motorists were paying one year ago at the same time, and are three cents above the statewide average. Only El Paso ($2.48), Midland ($2.42), Odessa ($2.41), Abilene ($2.31), Dallas ($2.29), Fort Worth-Arlington ($2.28), and Longview ($2.28) have higher gas prices than the Texarkana area.

The cheapest gas prices can be found in San Antonio where drivers are paying $2.14 per gallon. Texarkana’s gas prices are 30 cents lower than the national average.

Texas is second in the nation in cheapest gas at $2.24. Only Mississippi has lower prices at $2.20. Louisiana is $2.25, holding third place, and Arkansas is fourth at $2.28.

The major Gulf Coast refineries were impacted by the storm, the gas supply has tightened, and pump prices are up, which is akin to when the Gulf Coast endures a hurricane. The refineries are offline and until the damage is assessed and operations are up and running again, supply will be tight, particularly with the road conditions and the power outages that reduce fuel delivery — especially if stations don’t have the power to accept the fuel deliveries.

“We urge drivers in the impacted areas to avoid unnecessary travel and not rush to get gas,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “These are temporary outages, not a shortage.”

Until the situation thaws out and refineries are running again, motorists should expect more expensive pump prices, which were already increasing before the winter storm due to the rising oil prices and cuts by OPEC+.