Catholic Daughters of America holds state convention in Texarkana

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3446 Summerhill Road
Texarkana TX 75503

TEXARKANA — The Catholic Daughters of America held their 52nd Biennial Texas state convention at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center Wednesday.

The convention center welcomed nearly 450 members from all over the state and region for the five-day conference. The 50-member planning committee had been working for months to plan a schedule that included volunteer projects, a silent auction, daily mass, and a concert by Christian artist Kristyn Harris.

City of Texarkana Texas spokeswoman Lisa Thompson says the convention center and the city work “constantly” to bring such events to the city.

“We are so thrilled to host the 52nd Biennial Texas State Convention of the Catholic Daughters of America right here in Texarkana. It takes a lot of hard work to get a group like this to visit our city, and we are so proud that our Convention Center can partner with the business community and religious community to make this event work.”

The attendance was reduced to half of its normal capacity to accommodate for lockdown customs, which included social distancing and color-coordinated wristbands.

“We’ve provided red, yellow and green wristbands to help attendees communicate their level of comfort with social interaction, provided an outdoor venue for the large concert planned,” said Jennifer Montoya, convention center director. “We’ve ensured plenty of space for the group to spread out and proceed safely.”

Restaurants and retail stores should see a boost in activity. Just five meals will be provided at the convention center, which allows for plenty of time for the attendees to patronize local eateries and shops.

“Events like this in our city are good for the economy,” Thompson said. “They boost sales tax, foster community pride, and give us a chance to show off all the selling points of the Texarkana region.”