Bowie County Sheriff’s Office arrests shooting homicide suspect

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Joshua Dale Kemp — Courtesy: Bowie County Sheriff's Office

TEXARKANA — The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest involving the shooting death of a 56-year-old man.

Dennis Ghignon died on June 15 as result from injuries due to a gunshot on June 9.

The sheriff’s office arrested 22-year-old Joshua Kemp on June 15 after a six-day investigation into the shooting. The Texarkana Texas Police Department also assisted in the shooting investigation.

According to the sheriff’s office, Ghignon had been dropped off at the Wadley Hospital emergency room with a gunshot to the neck, which took place in the De Kalb area.

TTPD detained two suspects at West 7th Street and Robison Road, and later contacted the sheriff’s office. Investigators responded to both the hospital and the traffic stop.

The sheriff’s office says that Kemp told them that Ghignon had tripped and accidentally shot himself with a firearm. According to the sheriff’s office Ghignon also had a similar account, but both versions did not align with the evidence found in the truck that had been left at the hospital by Kemp. Ghignon was later flown to UAMS in Little Rock for more medical attention.

Kemp later accompanied sheriff’s office investigators to County Road 3219 and showed them a brush pile on the property where there were two mattresses with blood and tissue on them. Investigators believe that Ghignon had been shot there and was there shortly thereafter.

On June 13, the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office says that Kemp contacted them to turn himself in for shooting Ghignon. According to Kemp via the sheriff’s office, he heard someone on his porch and shot Ghignon out of fear that he was coming to harm him. Kemp moved Ghignon, cleaned the crime scene, and waited to provide medical assistance to Ghignon. The sheriff’s office says that Kemp confessed to shooting Ghignon, loading him in Ghignon’s truck, and dropping him off at the brush pile where he left him for an extended period of time.

Initially Kemp was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and booked into the Bi-State Jail with a bond of $100,000. The charges were upgraded to murder when Ghignon succumbed to his injuries on June 15. Kemp’s new bond has not yet been set.