Bowie County Sheriff’s Office warns of deputy impersonation phone scam

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Bowie County Sheriff's Office

TEXARKANA — The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens about an ongoing phone scam wherein the caller is impersonating a deputy within the office.

The sheriff’s office says they have received several calls from citizens from a “Lt. Johnson” claiming that they have a warrant out for them in Bowie County. According to the scammer posing as “Lt. Johnson,” the way to satisfy the warrant is to purchase Green Dot cards and provide the numbers to avoid arrest.

The sheriff’s office says that the number is 903-231-5883 and is currently being traced.

According to the sheriff’s office, they will never request anyone to purchase any type of gift card to avoid arrest, nor do they contact citizens by phone to provide payment options to avoid arrest.

The sheriff’s office claims the call is a scam and that there is no “Lt. Johnson” that even works for the department.


Anyone with any questions about the validity of a call is asked to call the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office at 903-798-3149 (Texarkana) or 903-628-6815.

The sheriff’s office advises that anyone who is being scammed over the phone simply hang up.