Nedra Turney earns Lifetime Razorback Award

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Nedra Turney
Nedra Turney -- Courtesy: Texarkana Arkansas School District

TEXARKANA — The Texarkana Arkansas School District presented Nedra Turney with the 2022 Lifetime Razorback Award.

Turney, a graduate of Arkansas High in 1958, has been a staple in the community and has still been involved with her alma mater.

The Lifetime Razorback Award will go along with Turney’s other awards, which include the Susan B. Anthony Award for Outstanding Community Leadership and University of Arkansas Leadership Arkansas Class (LeadAR).

Nedra Turney was the executive director of the Texarkana Area Chapter of the American Red Cross from 1984-2006, which included serving two terms as the chair of the American Red Cross retiree board.

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Turney also was the office manager for the Miller County Conservation District and has been a member of their board of directors since 1986 and as chairperson since 1997. Turney has also served on the Texas A&M University Nursing Advisory Board, Texarkana Arkansas Adult Education Advisory Board, Miller County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Commission, and many other boards and committees.

Turney also worked with her graduating class to recently donate remaining funds to purchase benches for Arkansas High School Razorback Garden. For several years, Turney worked with the Arkansas Women for Education and helped select scholarships for AHS graduates.

In addition to volunteering with TASD, Turney volunteered with the North Heights Alumni Association which donated benches to North Heights Community School and the Miller County Conservation District which awarded $1,000 to Trice Elementary to construct a greenhouse.

Nedra Turney has been married to Jerry Turney for 62 years, and have three children, two sons-in-law, four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.