Johnson and Halter will both play as quarterback for the Pleasant Grove Hawks

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Pleasant Grove First Practice

Pleasant Grove Hawks Head Coach Josh Gibson revealed to Fox Sports Texarkana’s Bob DelGiorno that Ahkhari Johnson and Jarret Halter will alternate as quarterback this coming season.

Ahkhari Johnson (left) and Jarrett Halter (right) speaking with Fox Sports Texarkana’s Bob DelGiorno

Johnson was the team’s star quarterback last year and will continue to play for the team. However, after Halter’s exceptional performance subbing in as quarterback during Johnson’s injury last season, the coaches are looking to give him more playtime. “I think they’re both talented enough to play a couple positions,” Head Coach Gibson says. “We are in a great spot to have two stud quarterbacks.”

Johnson doesn’t mind the change

While fans may be worried Johnson won’t be able to contribute with Halter as quarterback, he assured everyone that he enjoys playing multiple positions. “I’m an athlete. I’ll go anywhere on the field,” Johnson said. He’s also hopeful about Halter’s abilities: “He’s young but he can still get the job done.” Halter, who’s also a star Pleasant Grove baseball player, is eager to get some time on the field.

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