Hawks Head Coach Josh Gibson talks culture

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Hawks Coach Culture

At the Pleasant Grove Hawks’ third practice, the head coach talked with Fox Sports Texarkana’s Bob DelGiorno about the culture of the football program.

Head Coach Gibson says the culture of their program focuses on four core values. “We’re big on relationships,” Gibson says. “We’re big on trying to grow,  we’re big on trying to build belief in our kids.” Gibson says the fourth core value is discipline, which PG athletes show everyday.

The Hawks focus on building relationships

One thing that Gibson really emphasizes to players is the importance of building relationships and opening up with teammates. Players often break into group to discuss their feelings or frustrations. Gibson says these exercises aren’t just for the players to make bond, but for the coaches to as well. “We learn from them,” Gibson admits. “When we’re all pouring into each other, we’re all pouring into each other.”

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